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Trenton Adams
Born in Kentucky
3 years
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Nana memories of you always November 25, 2014
was just sitting here thinking about the time you would come into my room and hit the bed with your little hands because you were so small to climb in, i would lift you into the bed and we would hide from mommy.  such beautiful eyes to look into and your smile would melt anyones heart .............
kiley birthday November 24, 2014
Trent I remeber when u was born it was the best and scariest day for your mommy and daddy. I remeber when u came home you visitors including me, your mom was so proud of you so hapoy you was finally here but she was scared to death as well cause she. didn't have a clue what she was doing lol. her and your nana bumped heads cause tournaments would drive her nuts but there wasn't a moment that didn't pass you was kissed on them big puffy cheeks or loved by someone. you are truly a blessing and missed everyday and forever loved by so.many even people who.never 
Nana ALways you September 9, 2014
i was thinking about you & when ur baby sister was born. you said that she was our baby,  you were already looking out for her from the moment she was born. 
i miss you wrapping your arms around my neck and giving me big hugs & i miss how you would twirl your fingers in my hair. i remember laying next to you one day and you said "nana u are beautiful" it was so cute but i said no the most beautiful thing in the world is you trenton. i love you so much & its so hard to live day to day without you . i'm greatful for the time we had but wish it could have been longer.
zoie from zoie April 19, 2014
trent   you   have   a  new   brother   and    his   name   is   trey  Cry                           i   love    you   trentCry
nana you November 28, 2013
i will never forget our last day together on this earth. it was you running and playing with the kids in the house at gma's house having so much fun . i miss you so bad bubba . i love more   xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo
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