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Trenton Adams
Born in Kentucky
3 years
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Remember Trenton as that curly headed fun loving, high spirited little boy who put a smile on all of our faces, and brought joy to the lives of so many! 7/22/05-11/28/08

Trenton Ray Adams


The world changed when Trent was brought into this world, he gave so many people new outlooks on the world. And he changed the lives of people all around him. He was our angel from day one. And now he is watching over all of us! Trent was the happiest child ever, he was always laughing and being silly. He was growing up so fast. He gave his pacie up which was a big step for him, he had been using the potty because hes a big boy. He even went and got his hair cut and didnt cry. He was such a big boy! Everyone loved him so much..he was mommys lil man!


In Loving Memory Of

Trenton Ray Adams


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