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Trenton Adams
Born in Kentucky
3 years
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Zoie School February 22, 2018
a few weeks ago at school my teacher mr.Cottrel related my life to Harry Potter and how he would never give up he said my life was the same because when you died we never gave up and we never got mad but sometimes got sad and me. And mr.cottrel said I like how you all faced big challenges but still never gave up he said he was proud of us and so I started to cry rlly bad I told him even though I did not get to hag out with you because I was at a young age.stll I missed you a lot you would say I was your baby and now we have Trey he is 4 years old and he or us never really new what happend I miss and love you so very much I wish I could built a staircase and memorize a lane were I could walk right up to heaven and bring your u home again CryCry
Julie So sorry July 10, 2015
Just felt the need to put something on here for you. As a mother now I could only imagine losing my lil man and just the thought of it is too much to bear, thinking about it makes me want to go grab Blake and never let go. Alicia you are a very strong person and I wish that I would have been around more in your and his life more than I was when he was here and I would like to get back to seeing each other again like we used to. I miss you and you are in my thoughts and prayers. If you read this I will be there on the 22nd!
tracy arnold friend April 1, 2012

Tracy Arnold friend April 1, 2012
Hope Arens To Alicia November 29, 2011
You are the strongest women i know i cant imagine wut i would do without my baby girl just the thought of it isnt close to how u feel right now and im sry u r an amazing mother and such a strong person. Just always know he is up there looking over u thinking about how much u loved him and i know he loves u and one day u will get to see him again....but hes nvr rly gone he will always b in ur heart and ur thoughts he is watching u everyday sitting right nxt to u
Nichole Perkins SO SORRY July 21, 2011

Alicia, I'm so sorry I dnt know how u make it, All's I can say is GOD sure is keeping u in his peace! I really am shocked I can't believe this I am sorry girl I'm a mother and my kids were taken from me by the state and I have completely fallin a part I am so proud of u u r my inspiration to not give up I hope GOD blesses u with so much this loss is to much for one to bare and if u ever need to talk or what ever I'm here really I am not jus sayin it either like most so just keep on smiling at least he's with the angels baby girl and he loves u more than this world so jus remember uur not alone okay baby girl

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens thinkin of you July 20, 2010

Happy Birthday ~Angel~ Trenton

Linda Ryan Fierro's Nana December 3, 2009

We lost our precious grandson Ryan Fierro on June 30th 2008 and life

as we knew it changed forever.  Your little Trent and our Ryan, also

known by his Nana as JakeMan are now with all the other baby angels.

As a grandparent, the hardest thing for me was watching my daughter

grieve for her son.  We only hope that with time the pain will lessen.

                    Trent and Ryan

           They will live in our hearts forever


robyn December 2, 2009
you sent a note on my sons memorial Ryan Fierro I had all ready looked at your sons memorial,but let me say  our sons were precious and loved.I read some of memorials from nana and it was heart breaking.My mom was called nana also and grandparents grief is over looked.I grieve for my parents and my daughter as well as my self.Your son had a personality .You can see it on his face.God bless .Robyn 
mom 2 Waylon Kitchens xoxoxox September 5, 2009
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